Larry Wright


“Church”…”Christian”…”Believer”…These terms have taken on a million different meanings in the world today.  Not all of them are good, and most of them aren’t defined by God.  As a pastor it is my desire that our congregation defines these terms through their lives in the manner the Lord determined.  The Bible is given to mankind for the purpose of transformation not just information.  It is each individual’s responsibility as a “believer” in God to yield to the teaching of His Word.  As transformation begins to take place a believer will begin to look more like Christ, and will be worthy of the description “Christian.”  This process takes time, it can be difficult, even a little messy, but God taught us the best way to go through this process is with others that are on the same journey.  He called that group of people the church.  We call ourselves Harvest Baptist Church, and we would love to have you join us as we navigate life together.

Jeff Thompson


Pastor Jeff was born and raised in a Christian home. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior at an early age through the influence of his father and mother. He felt God calling him into full-time Christian work while in middle school and pursued this calling by attending Pensacola Christian College, graduating with a degree in Youth Ministries in 2019. It was at PCC that he met his wife, Audra, who shares his desire to work with youth. Pastor Jeff came on staff as our Youth Pastor in June of 2019. Jeff’s desire is to help teens grow in their personal walk with God and navigate these crucial teenage years. He loves the energy that teens and younger children have and works hard to push them to use that energy for Christ. Jeff said, “Youth ministries is my passion, and I hope that God leaves me in it for a long, long time!” Pastor Jeff oversees both the student and kids ministries of the church.